Dear Valued Customer,

Eighteen years ago I founded Kenneth Boehm Motor Car Company.  My business philosophy then was to sell affordable Honda and Toyota automobiles with a standard of quality that was believed to be impossible by others in the business.  Today that same standard of quality is still the way we do business and as a result provides referrals that are 90% of KBMC Inc's total sales.   KBMC, Inc. is the most different pre - owned dealer you have ever visited. 

Here's why.

  • We specialize in two specific automobiles - Honda and Toyota. Why? These two manufacturers produce the highest quality mass produced automobile in the world today. In addition, the reliability over time and extended mileage is light years ahead of anything else available at a similar price. Selling these specific makes insures our customers that their vehicle will perform reliably and economically long after the sale.

  • All KBMC Inc. sales people are seasoned in Honda and Toyota and have a technical understanding of the product they sell. We can answer your specific questions about each car with accuracy and integrity.

  • Our inventory is sourced from PRIVATE OWNERS in the Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area. We strive for single owner, dealer maintained, low mileage automobiles that have not been wrecked or painted. WE DO NOT SOURCE OUR CARS FROM AUCTIONS, WHOLESALERS OR OTHER DEALERS - ONLY LOCAL PRIVATE OWNERS WHO CAN SUBSTANTIATE THEIR HISTORY!!!

  • The most distinguishable and significant attribute of our inventory is the method in which it is prepared. Each vehicle is inspected bumper to bumper by a factory trained Honda or Toyota service technician. The format of this inspection is a two page “quality checklist” that maps a plan for inspection and reflects any corrective action performed by the technician to remedy any mechanical issues. In addition, all maintenance is performed per the manufacturers recommendation for the vehicle’s particular mileage / age. WE ARE 100% CONFIDENT IN THE PREPARATION OF OUR VEHICLES AND ENCOURAGE YOU TO HAVE AN INDEPENDENT TECHNICIAN INSPECT ANY OF OUR CARS FOR YOU. 

  • Our inventory varies in price from $2900 up to $10,000. Prices are clearly marked on each car.

  • We provide a 30 day/1000 mile warranty for every vehicle sold.

  • We offer professional maintenance & service by factory trained Honda and Toyota service technicians for our KBMC Inc. customers after the sale.   

If your expectations are not fulfilled shopping private owners and other dealers, stop in to KBMC, Inc. and view our vehicles. You will not find our level of quality and perfection anywhere in the tri-state. We know you want safety, value, and reliability at an affordable price. We deliver all these and much, much more at KBMC, Inc!


          Kenneth G. Boehm Jr.


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